Change by Design (or by Disaster)

As a designer, we can support exactly this social learning cycle: We can communicate better and more appropriate to the target group (story-telling, edutainment, etc.) in order to raise awareness of sustainability issues and relate to personal behavior. Then we can try to enhance extrinsic or intrinsic motivation, e.g. Showing role models and positive examples, or making the abstract sustainability issues more emotional, showing how things are going in other countries, how sustainability can look positive, how fun it can be, etc. In terms of opportunities, we can make a difference for designers – that’s our daily bread as product designer. We design infrastructure, products, services, social innovations – and these are the ways people can empower them to be more sustainable. After all, we have to make sure that the new behavior becomes a positive experience. We can organize positive feedback, e.g. through communities and peer groups, by saving money, just feeling better, having a better conscience, etc.

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