Ecological Concepts of Product Design

Implementation of ecological concepts of product design amongst the companies of mechanical engineering industry

The project “Espresso” has been developed together with the Business Unit Prepress sector from Kiel, as well as with the Lynotyoe/Hell printing machines from Heidelberg. It was about the integration of concepts of ecological product design within the company. Ecological design options should have been identified in the interest of different lifestyles and integrated through EcoDesign tools, engineering handbooks and organization’s instructions.

dbuPromoted by the German Environment Foundation, the research project is conducted by econcept and accomplished in cooperation with Dr. Roland Lentz, Intercambio, Henning Eggers and Eike Frühbrodt, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

NexscanProject goal
Methods for the integration of relevant environmental aspects in the development and design of products, such as e.g. methods of examination of product’s ecological lifecycle, will be tested and further developed in real practices. The essential aim of the project was to integrate some methods in the standard business process of product development – production and marketing. The adoption of developed and aligned working tools was scientifically conducted; the project was required to be universally applicable, it is made accessible to the specialized audience through project-oriented workshops and through the publication of the result of the project.

The project began in April 1999 lasted 30 months.