Efficiency Agency NRW and econcept

efa_logoIn Nordrhein- Westfalen, the Efficiency Agency NRW (EFA) is the main reference point for the integration of ecology in small and middle manufacturing companies. EFA invited econcept as a consultant in the new program “JUMP” in order to assist in the design of environmentally friendly products. The aim of this consulting was to support companies in designing their products in a more ecological way. The Efficiency Agency NRW supported the projects in this program with the absorption of the consulting costs up to 70%

It is a good chance for companies, which want to fit, for example, within the ISO 14062 (integration of EcoDesign in products development), to quickly come to know applicable EcoDesign tools, in order to apply these tools to a concrete project, while  integrating them into the daily practice of the company or reach a new target group with environmentally friendly products.

Further information about the JUMP-Program can be downloaded here.