Successful strategies for Product Service Systems

pss_austriaDevelopment of a promising design strategy, based on the analysis of best practice examples of PSS’s and of international methodic approaches to their systematic development, for an Austrian Product Service System (PSS) provider.

January 2006 tol January 2007

Project partners
GrAT / TU Wien, STENUM GmbH and econcept

Summary: The central goal of the project was to elaborate a development strategy for a successful PSS example/case study in Austria. A systematic analysis of the best existing cases and of the best existing methodological approaches concerning determinant success factors is the sensible starting point. Accounting for the Austrian economical structure, particular attention is given to the role of small and medium companies.

The approach to strategy development came from the book MEPSS – Methodology for Product Service Systems – and from its Webtool (

The factors of success were tested and verified in parallel to the development of the design concept, while scenarios were valued for their relevance to sustainable development.

After developing a systematic analysis of Austrian and international examples of successful and unsuccessful PSS, the most important criteria for success and failure were selected according to the chosen fields and target groups. The role of methods and tools for the development of specific PSS were highlighted on the basis of this detailed research of PSS examples and in regard to the practice and the analysis of international trends. Chances, risks, factors of success and development potential for Austrian PSS have been determined from this background knowledge. Recommended actions for politic, companies and consumers were developed from the deduced success factors. Furthermore, the valuation of the relevance of PSS for the Austrian economy and society was determined.