Ursula Tischner – Design for Sustainability: More complicated and more fun than you think

Design for Sustainability means Design that is good for the environment (planet), good for humanity (people) and that creates economic value for as many actors and stakeholders as possible (profit).
Today almost everybody talks about Sustainability and a lot of people start to look for and practice Sustainable Design or Design for Sustainability (DfS).
Unfortunately there is still a lot of talking without action (green washing), there is still a great confusion about what DfS really means, and there are a lot of well meant but super naive projects that are aiming at sustainability, but because of lack of research or decent methodology they reach the opposite result.
This presentation will explain, what Design for Sustainability is / is not, how to practice Design for Sustainability, where the real challenges are, and how much excitement it means for designers and other creatives to really search for ultimate sustainable solutions.

Source: designdisaster.unibz.it